A psychic reading that is all heart! 

Are you looking for guidance? Peace of mind? Clarity on a current situation in your life? Do you want to know what your higher heart wants?

Maybe you are at a crossroads with your relationship or career. You need life direction, or you want to know what is around the corner.

As a clairvoyant, medium and heart whisperer Cristina can connect to your heart and the higher realms to bring through messages, guidance and inspiration. She is divinely guided to bring through all the answers and messages you need.

Cristina will gently drop the truth bombs that you need to hear and guide you to your highest possible path. She will be the light you need to guide you to trust your heart. You come to Cristina to up level not to walk out the same as you walked in. 

Are you ready to hear from your guides? Follow your heart’s guidance and inner compass? Want to get to the next level?

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