Lighthearted with Carrie De Block

Photo by Alana Bishop

Photo by Alana Bishop

My gorgeous friend Carrie De Block joined me on my YouTube channel Lighthearted recently. Carrie and I have known each other since primary school, we reconnected in adult life and found that we have more in common that we had originally thought! Turns out we are both psychic medium mamas giving life a red hot go here in our home town of Canberra.

In this episode of Lighthearted we talk all things psychic, medium, intuition and everything in-between!!

We had so much fun that we just couldn’t stop at one, so we made two! Here is part two of Carrie and Cristina continued!!

If you want to learn more about Carrie head on over to her website

I hope you enjoy our vids as much as we did filming it!

Thank you Carrie for being on Lighthearted <3 I love you girl!

Only love