Friends with Benefits - Does It Really Work?

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The subject of ‘friends with benefits’ is one that divides a lot of people. It is not for everyone. Fair. If you are the type of person with clearly marked out boundaries, sex with mates is probably something you have never tried. FWBs isnt for everyone and this type of afternoon delight is perhaps not your cup of tea.

Boundaries are something I struggle with this lifetime. (insert laughing face emoji here and chuck in a palm to face one too while you are at it!)

lucky for me I have had loving, supportive friends, for the most part, that have valued our friendship over sexytimes and chosen the friendship first above sexual exchanges.

Lately, I have been taking stock. Mercury Retrograde and the month of July brought with it some frosty realisations that forced me within to deal with some long-overdue inner-work which I will leave for another post. Suffice to say my stock take returned some harsh realities that have lead to inventory analysis on my relationships, needs and desires for the future.

Processing all this inner work led to me think about whether 'friends with benefits' actually works for me or not. I have been a supporter of this style of arrangement in the past. The thing is the clearer I become on what I want in life, the less and less attractive this type of exchange becomes to me.

Join me over on YouTube for this weeks episode of Lighthearted; I take an honest look at my experience with 'friends with benefits' arrangments and explain why these types of relationships no longer work for me.

Only love