Life is about to get Lighthearted!!


I was reminded recently of the importance of living life to the beat of my own drum.

life has changed for me yet again, even the big-ticket items. But this time instead of burying my head in the sand or partying with resistance until my feet bled, I faced the change and difficulties, took a deep breath and asked it 'where to next?'.

I'm not going to make out like the recent events of my life and mini shit storms have been easy to deal with or in any way pleasant like tropical sunsets. But I will say that I am not only surprised by how well I have handled it all but proud of myself so greatly that I simply won't stop wearing my golden star for top effort!

Isn't it nice when we go through shit and realise 'oh wow, I dealt with that better than I expected' or 'amazing, where did I get the strength to respond in that way?'. It is a nice indicator of how far we have come. Sometimes when we are doing life we forget or don't even realise how much we have grown, matured and stepped up at this life game!

I am taking stock at the moment, debriefing and getting back into the flow. Last year, the relationship I was in met its end. It was tricky, and even though it ended months and months ago now we were still living together up until recently as we were both still supporting each other through stuff. 2018 was intense but productive, I underwent two major surgeries and supported my ex through major surgery also. Lucky for me my parents and extended family were there to help us through it all, as well as the fathers of my children and mates that showed up relentlessly with emotional support and finger licking grazing boards! I'm Grateful.

One of my best mates also had a hard year, she underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was hard seeing her go through that, she is a strong woman that has overcome so much this lifetime, she always has it together and has been a pillar of strength since I've known her for more than a decade now, and last year I almost saw her become undone. My sister also ended up hospitalised with pneumonia and she hardly gets sick! 2018 was again a massive reminder to me that in life the only thing that is certain in change, and it is up to us to love hard and big in every single moment because guaranteed nothing ever stays the same! Last year I had to dig deep to be there for other people even when my own physical challenges were getting the better of me. On the plus, we are ALL well now, and fearlessly running into 2019.

The energy this year is already proving so different from that of last year, I am definitely feeling it and embracing the new feels and optimism in the air.

Ok, so what's up for 2019?

I am ramping up my offerings including readings and healings, as well as running some short group session and mini-workshops in collaboration with The Crystal Chalice out at Gold Creek in Canberra. You can check out my website for updates on my offerings, I also do Skype so if you are not in the ACT no worries!

2019 also sees me launching my new YouTube channel, Lighthearted and writing the accompanying book also, Lighthearted! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to be launching this baby. It had been on the back burner for a while in various forms, up until now it had never been the right time and life had other plans got priority. NOW is the right time and so here we go!

Join me over on YouTube, I kick off this month.

Lighthearted Video by Chloe Horder Media

Lighthearted will be a platform for me to talk about all the life and love lessons I have been through, the great, the real and the raw. My focus will be around my journey and what all my experiences have meant for me emotionally, physically and spiritually. Everything will be based on love, of course, I couldn't have it any other way. Taking the blog to a vlog is finally happening for me this year and I am bursting at the seams with joy and enthusiasm! I will be doing interviews with other amazing wild-hearted humans that are lighting up the world too!

Join me over on YouTube to join the Lighthearted journey so that you get notified when the first episode is up!

Wishing all the other wild hearts out there a beautiful start to 2019 and sharing the love so big it's blinding!

You can book in with me for a healing or reading by emailing me at

Now its time to get this show on the road!!!

Only love Wild Hearts!


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