Heart Talk with Rachael Petersen from TwoJays Emporium

When I first came across TwoJays Emporium I was literally overcome with a sense of relief, gratitude and awe all at the same time!  Finally, I found a brand that is not only run by two gorgeous heart-centred women who are genuinely committed to enhancing the lives of others but also create amazing products that are in alignment with my spiritual beliefs and support my journey!  

Rachael and Janet are a mother/daughter duo from Canberra who created a soulful business that awakens your senses and brings you back into alignment by helping your chakras spin with ease.  Together they created TwoJays Emporium with a product range that includes bath salts, candles, chakra oils, chakra spritz, chakra oils, spiritual spritzers, sun catchers, spell bottles, handmade runes and so much more!
These beauties recently launched a new product range including the Love Who You Are bath salts and spritz with the sole purpose being to awaken your inner goddess and support your journey back to yourself in a loving way, aiding self-discovery, self-care and self-love in order to help us celebrate us and our bodies! 
So, it's obvious that this amazing mother/daughter partnership was destined to deliver the most incredible and luscious products but did you know that Rachael is also an amazing chakra healer and Janet is a long time Rune reader? Is there anything they can’t do?!?!

I caught up with one-half of this soulful duo and of course we just had to talk heart! 

What does love mean to you? 
To me, love is an unconditional bond, like a feeling that has no bounds of time or space.

How did TwoJays Emporium come to be and what was the motivation behind starting the business?
Well, Mum (Janet) has always worked with essentials oils, she would create blends and raw incense and loved mixing things up and experimenting with scents and aromas. The business was actually quite a spontaneous idea though, we just wanted to start a business doing what we love. We started out as Triskellion Essentials and moved to TwoJays Emporium in the last 18months actually,  our main motivation was that we wanted our very own product range and so we went for it!

You make up one-half of Two Jays Emporium and Janet, your mum is the other, why did you decide to work together on this venture and what is the best part of running this amazing business with your mum?
Mum and I are more like sisters, we have done many lives together and have a very unique and wonderful relationship that allows us to both, work together and have a great home life too. The best part of running our business is travelling together, being able to have time out from everyday life to get creative and come up with new ideas about our dreams to expand the business. 

I know you ladies have a massive product range that supports all aspects of our lives from sleep time for our little ones to meditating and energising us.  Do you have any plans for future products that support women with opening up to their divine feminine?  
Funny you should ask! the answer is yes! but we are a little way off yet. We are working on a Goddess range, I won’t say too much as it is currently under construction and won’t be ready for a little while.  What I will say though is that the inspiration for this range is that these are made for women by women, using goddesses in mind that complement our current range but also connect to everyday life and support us spiritually with the intention to awaken that inner goddess in all of us.

What product from your range would you recommend to help readers with following their hearts calling and getting in touch with our own inner wisdom?
We have a few products that would be beneficial for this. We have a few new spritz's and speciality bath salts like the healing, empowerment and meditation products as well the Love Who You Are spritz which can assist in remember your essence and the joy of you really are. The Empowerment Spritz would also be a great one as it helps to awaken your confidence, gives you emotional strength to assists you reclaim your personal power. 

What lights your heart up?
I have to say, my three children, my husband and my animals light my heart up. I have so much love for them, as a mother and wife, I just love being there for them all the time and doing ‘life’ with all of them.

Thank you so much, Rachael, for opening up and sharing yourself with us.  Also, a massive thank you to both Rachael and Janet for donating a beautiful pack from the Love Who You Are range for one of our lucky readers! 

If you are looking for extra support on your journey or you just want to activate your chakras and senses with their amazing products because why not, you can check out their products through the links below. Please do reach out to the super friendly and loving Racheal and Janet, they will take care of you!!! 

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Facebook @twojaysemporium

Big love!