Heart Talk with Kayleigh McGlynn

Kayleigh and her gorgeous little one.

Kayleigh and her gorgeous little one.

I've had the privilege of knowing Kayleigh for quite a few years now, we were friends a while before I even knew she was into photography. Slowly I started to see her work pop up all over the place through socials and her website.  Her unique style intrigued me and what I noticed immediately was Kayleigh's ability to artistically capture the true essence and emotions of all the people she photographs and films.  It is easy to fall in love with Kayleigh's artistic style because it leaves you with a feeling of warmth, comfort and overflowing love.  

When it came time to get my own photos for my website, of course, I had hoped that Kayleigh would work with me as I admire her so much, this girl has talent and skill!  Lucky for me she happily agreed. I was so mindful of not wanting to portray something I was not with heavy photoshopping and overly orchestrated poses, but at the same time, I had no clue how to go about it.  Kayleigh guided me ever so gently and captured the REAL me which felt amazing and legitimate.  There is something about Kayleigh's art that encapsulates the essence of true love through real life moments of joy.  Her unique approach to her art is best described as taking a documentary approach to film and photography capturing moments of love, connection and raw emotion in its most natural state.  Kayleigh's passion for story telling is depicted in all her work and it's easy to see her commitment to authentic imagery between loved ones. 

Kayleigh is a gentle goddess, a gifted and talented beautiful soul with an eye for capturing greatness.  She is everything you want from someone sharing such an intimate and personal time with your family, your newborn, at the births of your children, through your pregnancy, and of course exciting engagements, all the best parts of life!

Her approach is simple if you have a story Kayleigh wants to tell it. Kayleigh and I talk love and life in this weeks Heart Talk.

What does love mean to you?

It's taken me about 20 minutes of staring at this question to be able to answer it! I use the word love to describe almost anything I enjoy. I love sleep ins, avocados, my family, rainy days, my son's drawings, Spotify, my daughter's dance moves, photography.. so many things both big and small, trivial and significant. I guess to me love means knowing and enjoying the feeling that something or someone gives you.

When you decided to follow your hearts calling, and leave your 'day job’ what did your heart's message sound/look like and how did you know to takes its advice?

My day job was great before I became a mum. It paid wonderfully, kept me busy and motivated and provided a great network of colleagues. But after the birth of my son (here comes the cliche!), none of those things mattered to me anymore.  My heart's message was clear, from the moment I held my baby all that mattered to me was being with him, providing for him and teaching him that with a lot of hard work and persistence you can really do anything you want to. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work and do you have a favourite moment or experience when working with newborns and their families?

I love that my work is so authentic. It's real, raw moments and I know that in 20 years these photographs are going to mean so much to the families.  I don't think I can pick just one favourite moment or experience! Every single baby and family I meet just captivates me. There is something so beautiful about those first few weeks of a baby's life, the parents are in a total newborn bubble and there is so much love!

What made you want to change directions with your photography and was your heart involved in your decision?

Oh my goodness, was it ever! If my brain had been in charge I never would have changed directions. I had a really solid client base and was quite well known for my style of photography. And then I decided to flip it all on its head and that was SUCH a risk!  While I loved (and still do love!) working with babies and families and absolutely love photography, I was finding that my love for the work was fading with every session I did. It took me a few months to pinpoint exactly what was bothering me but I eventually did, after lots of conversations with my husband and with my heart. My photography style wasn't authentic, I was trying too hard to create images that I thought my clients wanted rather than photograph moments that were real. Since changing directions and focusing on storytelling and documenting real connection, my clients rave about their photographs and I love each session that I have more than the last!

Did you ever encounter resistance whether that be internal or external when you decided to live what you love and pursue photography?

Yes! Internal resistance was a massive factor that held me back from pursuing photography earlier. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could earn a living taking photographs, so I always pushed it to the back of my mind. But as I mentioned before, once I had children my perspectives on so many things changed and I decided that I had to follow my heart if I was going to teach my children to follow theirs.

What is your favourite past time with your family when you guys need to fill up your love cups?

When it's warm we love to pack up the kids in the car, drive until we find somewhere beautiful and spend the afternoon picnicking and kicking a ball around. Our daughter is fascinated by ducks so we will usually find some of them to feed too!  With this freezing weather we've been having lately though, we are all about snuggling up in front of the fire. We've just introduced our son to the toasted marshmallows so we've gone through a few bags recently!

What do you love the most about being a family photographer?

It is so rewarding. I get to witness and document moments of love and connection between couples, siblings and parents with their children. During a session, the family are completely unplugged from social media and the outside world and it really gives them a chance to reconnect with each other and focus on what's most important in life, and being present to document those memories is so so special!

What makes your heart smile?

Knowing that I'm living my best life. Spending time with my children and my husband, documenting priceless memories for my clients, waking up every day and getting to do something that I love!


Deepest gratitude to this incredibly talented babe for joining me on Heart Talk this week. 

If you want to learn more about Kayleigh and her uniquely beautiful style of family photography please wander over to her site kayleighmcglynn.com.au.

You can also catch her on socials:

Instagram: @kayleighmcglynnphotography

Facebook: @kayleighmcglynnphotography

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