Let's Connect In June and Play Cards!

As some of you know I have been an intuitive for as long as I can remember.  I was very fortunate to have come in this lifetime with the incredible gift of sight and a strong intuition, which has been my default setting over any other sense of logic, always.  

Although I was always aware of my abilities, even from a young age, it wasn’t until my early twenties that I begun to explore and dive deeper into what having this ‘ability’ actually meant.  After vast amounts of soul searching and self-discovery, I began gaining experience in using my gifts by helping others through readings.  Now that I think about it, it has been over ten years that I have been doing this kind of work, you know the ‘spiritual’ ‘woo woo’ kind of work.  Where did all the time go?

Nowadays though, I focus more of my attention on writing my books, running Heart Healing and Heart Conversation groups as well as the LightHearted workshops that started earlier this year, which I love BTW, as I get so much enjoyment out of connecting with other beautiful souls. OH, and my kids! lol.

Recently I felt a really strong pull to explore seeing/reading with playing cards, you know the type, the ones with the King of Hearts and Ace of Spades etc.   The first time I did a spread I was AMAZED!  Where have these cards been all my life? I love them! I felt instantly connected to these gems, it was a wonderful, enlightening and fascinating experience. I love seeing the story unfold and being able to offer advice or insight into situations that are so clearly and accurately expressed amongst the numbers and represented through the spread.

Although I don’t normally do private one on one sessions anymore, I figured there was a reason I was pulled to discover this awesome modality of reading with playing cards and given I connected with it so well I want to share it with you all.

I am offering one on one intuitive sessions over June and July, before planning starts up again for the next LightHearted workshop.  The sessions will go for one hour and will be held at Chime Health and Beauty in Crace.

You can also catch me reading at The Crystal Challice in Gold Creek on the 18th of June, pre booking is required.

To make a booking please email me at hello@cristinasanmartin.com.

I can’t wait to see all you big hearts in person.

Big love