Thank you! LightHearted - Autumn 2017 Workshop


I am overjoyed with happiness and Heart explosions!

My first ever LightHearted workshop was an absolute success! I am so grateful to all the beautiful souls who joined us on the day!

We learnt about all things crystals and their wondrous abilities that help us heal and deal with our emotions and daily lives - truly fascinating!

We did astrology basics 101, looking at the signs,

houses, planets and discovered how the sky at our time of birth affects who we are and help shed so much light on why we are the way we are!

Together, we journeyed back to our hearts and got back in touch with own innate wisdom. I guided everyone through heart conversations so that we could all receive the messages that our heart wants us to hear. It was enlightening, emotional and fantastic! 

I am beyond grateful to be able to do the work I love and share it with so many beautiful loving kind hearts. 



A massive THANK YOU and big love to Stacey B from The Astro Boutique and Simone Tate, crystal intuitive, I could not have done it without these two beauties and I am so overjoyed that they agreed to be part of LightHearted Autumn 2017.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You will be happy to know that we are already in talks to do another workshop for the later part of this year (LightHearted Winter 2017)!

I would also like to express an enormous amount of gratitude and love to my partner David, who helped facilitate the workshop on the day and supports me with all aspects of my biz, gorgeous souls Janet and Rachael from TwoJay’s Emporium for selling their amazing chakra sprays and other homemade blissful products and Sandra Korab from Chime - Heath and beauty for also selling her amazing candles and chakra tea’s (these are amazing you must try). 


I am so excited that I can't wait for the next LightHearted workshop! 

Big Love