The Sea Called Me


Sometimes the sea calls me. I hear it, almost as clearly as I hear my heart’s voice these days.  

It must have been the desperate need to cleanse off the epic shitty-ness that was 2016, because, in late December last year I literally felt a pull to the ocean, an almost magnetic pull.

So I went.

I spent the evening of the 31st of December by the ocean with close family and friends. Admittedly, I didn’t make it to 12 o’clock but I think given my health at that time, I was excused. 

I had spent that day - and the afternoon the previous day - walking on the sand and letting the waves brush over my feet. I felt a universal connection. It was almost like my body knew how to reconnect to mother earth in an effort to heal, reset and prepare for the year ahead. I was feeling very peaceful and relaxed.

That night, my partner and I did our releasing intentions. We wrote down everything we were ready to let go of prior to entering 2017 and we also wrote all the things we hoped and wished for from the new year. 

The ocean, or water in general, has an amazing ability to help us heal. It was no wonder I felt it was calling me. There is something so cathartic about having your feet in the water and really feeling the ocean wash over your feet or body, it is totally purifying. Aside from the energy reset offered by the waves, the negative ions are fantastic for assisting and increasing energy flow.

During this time I was able to get a great sense of clarity of how this year was to commence. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that on the last day of 2016 I had a massive aha-moment that helped me realise I needed to let go of something that I had been carrying around for far too long (dating way back to my married days - what the!!! Yeah, I was as surprised as you are!)

This ritual, that I didn’t even realise I was party to at the time, was exactly what my body, mind and soul needed in order to reconnect and get real about what I wanted to happen this year. The fact that I spent most of my time by the beach was a dead set give away that my being was craving ritual with water and I had a massive need to cleanse - in this case, with the gentle healing power of the ocean. 

I felt really refreshed and clear after going to the water. It also made me realise that water rituals resonate strongly with me. They help me reset really quickly and help me heal fast! I talk about rituals in more detail in in my book, hello heart, if you would like to learn how to incorporate them into your life and personal healing journey.

When I returned home I missed the ocean immediately. Like with close friends, the connections we make with nature and mother earth can be completely grounding and healing if we let them.

I also realised that it wasn’t the ocean calling me after all, it was my heart telling me what I needed. The pull was my beautifully intuitive heart that knew exactly what I needed at that time, to be near the water and cleanse at the ocean.  

Our hearts always know what we need. Even if at first it may seem that the message is coming from elsewhere, listen closely, because our heart knows what is best, every time!



My heart intuitivley knows how to heal.

Big love