Heart Conversations - The Power To Change At Your Own Pace


Through Heart Conversations I have learnt that my heart will always tell me the truth, no matter what ‘life’ experience I am facing. In the beginning I did get fearful about what I would hear when I spoke to my heart. I would approach a Heart Conversation session apprehensively because I thought that what my heart had to say might hurt, or not be what I wanted to hear. Often I had a certain path in mind about where my life was going or who was going to (or not going to) be in it or part of it. Out of fear I would almost always want to control the message... Because what if I heard something that I didn’t like... Then what would I do with the information? In the back of my mind I understood that once I knew something, I couldn’t unknow it!

This is the beauty of Heart Conversations; you are given the information or messages you need and they will be for your highest good. Each instance is usually different and it might be what you want to hear... or it might not. But that is ok.

 At all times it is completely up to us how quickly we want to take action to change our situation, if indeed action is necessary. Just knowing something doesn’t mean you have to change it straight away. It might take you a few weeks to turn something around in your life that needs addressing, or it might take years. I know that when I was still in a fog of unhappiness I was definitely hearing my Heart’s message. I accepted it and I knew it to be true, but I took my time to action it. I had to deal with the information first. And this was ok.

On other occasions when I have turned to Heart Conversations for advice or direction I have learned the information and then in a matter of days I was able to bring about the necessary change that completely altered those aspects of my life. I have even had a Heart Conversation one morning and by that same night have acted on the information and had a whole new experience of the situation. It was just what was right for me at that time.

In the Heart Conversation process it is important to feel the fear if that’s what comes up. Understand the message and let your body guide you as to when might be the right time to take action. With the launch of my book Hello Heart just around the corner, I will leave with this little section from Chapter Eight......



Once you begin to open the door to a new awakening and a new knowing, you cannot ‘unknow’ what you find. If you let them, Heart Conversations can lead you to a new version of yourself. The insight that you gain into the issues that are troubling you help reveal the change you need to bring about. Now, I’m not saying that you can do a couple of Heart Conversations and your entire life will transform, although it very well could! What I am saying though, is that this is the entry point to get you started and a great method to aid that change. You can gain insight into what relationships are serving or not serving you and whether the way you are dealing with those situations is working well for you, especially if it turns out that, like mine, a relationship has expired.

This insight might equally be about your true calling, a problem with your health, finances or family. Once you know you can rely on the insight you receive and you can identify the problems, you can act on them to bring about change in your life. 

Here’s to taking life at your pace, one conversation at a time. 

I hear my heart's voice easily and understand the message I am meant to receive.