Heart Talk with Bang Bang

Who is she? Her name is Bang Bang.

She resides in sunny Sydney and is the performer and model so explosive they had to name her twice!

This glorious soulful babe started out in Canberra back in 2010, forming one third of the burlesque trio, The Velvet Vixens.

Bang Bang has now established herself in the burlesque, modeling and live music scene with performances in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.  

Her passion for her art shines through in her performances and if you have been lucky enough to catch a show you will know that this girl puts her heart and soul into delivering breathtaking and vivacious performances that leave her fan’s hearts full every time.

We caught up recently to talk heart, happiness and life.


What makes Bang Bang’s heart smile?

I think my heart smiles pretty easily these days, thanks to teaching myself to slow down and be mindful of how many things there are to smile about (no matter how small they are). Taking a little time in the morning to focus and set my intention for the day really helps me to kick things off on a good note and maintain that feeling throughout the day. The big smile-makers would have to be my endlessly supportive other half and my mischievous little cat. Even on my roughest days, those guys always make my life a fantastic place to be.

At what point did you realise Burlesque was your thing? And tell me a bit about the 'heart' moment that made you realise this.

When I was living back in Canberra, I went to a local Burlesque Bazaar. It had stallholders with kitschy, adorable retro goods and burlesque performances throughout the day. Before even seeing a single show, I remember just loving the entire vibe of the room. I stayed long enough to watch a few of the performers and every single one of them owned the room. Size or age made no difference to how much the audience loved them and it certainly made no difference to how much fun they were having! At that point in my life, I certainly didn’t have the confidence to do what they were doing but from that moment onwards, I knew that was the kind of confidence (and fun) that I wanted/needed in my life!

I never even dreamed of performing and fast forward 6 years - I’m still performing and my favourite performer from that day is now one of my closest friends.

What is it about performing that makes you feel that you are really ALIVE?

I’m lucky enough to perform with two of my very best friends. It makes the entire process of brainstorming, rehearsing, costume making and performing effortlessly fun. There are evenings when we can’t rehearse properly from laughing too hard and we’re always either front row or side stage to support each other through our solo acts.

Putting so much work into taking an idea from inside your head, developing it into an act and then getting to live it out on stage is an amazingly rewarding feeling and getting to do it alongside friends that are more like sisters is something really special.

Tell me about your favorite memory during a performance.

I think my favourite memory during a performance actually wasn’t even a performance of my own! My burlesque partner-in-crime was doing a tribute act to a vintage star (Lily Christine). My vital role in this performance was to lie down behind the platform and use a hair-clip attached to a coat hanger to move her cat tail. It was one of the toughest jobs in my performance career, partly because we had only tested it in theory just moments beforehand but mainly because controlling our giggles before the curtain lifted was nearly impossible.

The entire scenario was ridiculous but it’s my favourite memory because it reminds me of the lengths we’ll go to for each other just to help add that ‘something extra’ to an act.

What advice do you have for people wanting to explore outside of the ordinary expressive arts, especially for those that feel intimidated or lost because they know nothing about their interest.

Get online to see if there’s anyone near you doing what you’d love to be doing, or would just like to know more about. The best thing about ‘outside of the ordinary’ expressive arts is that it can’t be defined – there’s room for anyone and everything. You never know where it will lead and there are countless experiences and friendships waiting.

You can catch this beauty on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/xoxbangbang and keep an eye out for Bang Bang blowing up the stage at a venue near you.

Putting so much work into taking an idea from inside your head, developing it into an act and then getting to live it out on stage is an amazingly rewarding feeling

Follow your heart's calling!