Cristina’s top 33 at 33


Hello big hearts!

Last week I celebrated 33 years of life on this amazing planet and so I took some time out to think about my life up until now.

So, I find it only fitting to do a recap of the main lessons I’ve learnt, the stuff I wish I could have told my 20-year-old self, and some sacred heart advice I could have only hoped to have had access to years ago.

Here we go, my 33 at 33:

  1. There is no one on this planet worth being, more than being yourself
  2. Accept and love yourself for who you are
  3. You are your own highest authority
  4. You deserve the best life has to offer
  5. You are, and always will be, loved
  6. You are supported and guided by a higher intelligence far greater than you can imagine or understand - and this is ok
  7. Never say never!
  8. Give up any notion that your ‘plan’ for life, or course, should be followed relentlessly; this very rarely happens! And every time you try to make it happen it only deviates even further
  9. Let go of needing to control
  10. You don’t need to listen to shitty advice, or take it, if it doesn't feel right
  11. Equally, don’t go around offering advice if it hasn’t been asked for – even if you think you do it better or think others may benefit from doing it your way
  12. Show up and do your thing, even if it’s scary, sounds dumb, or makes you look silly
  13. The scarier it is, the more likely it is something that’s required for your positive personal growth
  14. Life is amazing, and you deserve to have a fabulous life
  15. You are perfect just as you are, right now, today
  16. Your heart will always tell you the truth
  17. When people, places, decisions, paths, ideas, feel wrong; it’s because they are!
  18. It is never too late for ‘do overs’
  19. Your gut feeling is always on point - listen carefully!
  20. Love always starts at home, with the love for self
  21. You are worth it
  22. Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business
  23. As long as you always love, act with integrity, and are aligned with helping for the greater good, you can’t possibly be doing wrong
  24. Embrace life and live it to the fullest, our time here is too short!
  25. Anything is possible, and you can make the rules up as you go along as long as you are following point number 23.
  26. Be yourself, no matter what
  27. When life starts crumbling, go within, have a Heart Conversation and see what’s up!
  28. Act on the advice of your heart!
  29. Taking time out for ‘you’ is not selfish, it is necessary and a must to keep healthy and to ensure there is enough self-love going on. When your cup is full it will easily flow over onto others
  30. Heart Conversations are necessary and an amazing practice that will allow insight, flow, and love into your heart
  31. You are your own hero and don’t need saving!
  32. You are an amazing person with so much to offer and can help others as well as live the most amazing life
  33. rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! Don't wait for others to tell you or see that you are awesome, celebrate 'you' as often as you can!  

I wish I fully understood and knew these things a long time ago. It’s ok, though, as these discoveries were needed for me, it was part of my journey. 

I do feel a little wiser this year, and I feel energised and equipped to move into next year, ready to help others with Heart Sessions. Love, love and more love. No more fear, only love and heart!

Big love xxx