Heart Talk with Erica Brooke


Most folks that know me know how passionate I am about living a chemical free lifestyle and being as organic as possible. Around seven yeas ago I committed to only using organic makeup and I stopped using chemicals in my home around the time my first little one was born. We eat as organically as possible, for good measure as well as for ethical reasons.

So, you can imagine how stoked I was to meet a fellow soulpreneur, just like me, who’s entire biz is to create beautiful and natural products for our skin that are both luscious and safe!  

Erica Brooke is the super-smiley, full of love beauty behind Erica Brooke Skincare.

The business started almost accidently in 2006 when Erica first created a homemade hand scrub to heal her worn out barista hands. Erica’s job at the time was at a roast house, grinding and making coffee. This ultimately left her hands stained, dry and cracked and she was sick of trying products that didn’t solve this problem. So she took matters into her own hands (literally and figuratively) and came up with a scrub that worked amazingly well! Ironically, coffee is now used in some of her products (and it works really well)! 

Erica would have never imagined that from that humble scrub would come an awakening that led to a lifelong passion for all things natural and organic in skin care.

Without further a do… here’s the Heart Talk I had with Erica Brooke.


Now, we know a little bit about how and why your skin care products came about, but can you tell me more about your 'heart moment'... when you realised this was it, that organic skincare was your passion! And how did you know you undoubtedly had to pursue it? 

I suppose more and more facts were presenting themselves to me. There were certainly environmental issues and I was also becoming aware of the health issues that some people were facing – although at the time these weren’t a personal concern; it seemed as though I could use nearly anything on my skin (now however, I find that I’m very sensitive to things like synthetic fragrances.) I then had my eldest daughter and really didn’t want all that toxic rubbish going into her system. I think I flashed forward in time and pictured her wanting to use all the rubbish products, because that’s the way marketing works on young people. I had to create a range that not only worked really well but made people feel wonderful using them and I wanted it to be something that looked as lovely as the big brands did. I’ve known for about 13 years that this is the type of life for me; it just took a while to get there!  


I know you have strong ethics and principles that guide how you develop and create your products, like being green, natural, organic, and ensuring all ingredients used in your products are treated with the highest respect and love. These tell me a lot about you and your company, but can you elaborate on what you regard as the fundamentals of running a soulful and heart-centred business?

Do no harm - and no animal testing, all the way up the chain. For me to be soulful and heart-centred I only choose to wholesale to brands that share my ethos, those who understand that these kinds of products cannot be rushed. I truly believe that people can feel the love that’s infused in my products, everything in my formulas has a purpose and nothing is there as a ‘filler’. I need to work with people who also believe this so my life and business are in integrity with my values.


Tell me about your best sellers and why folks love them so much. 

The deodorants have gone bananas; which is wonderful, as mainstream deodorants are terrible for our health. I can’t wait for the day when natural deodorants are considered mainstream. I make a really beautiful cleanser called the Honey Cream Cleanser and I can hardly keep up with supply, it’s got some serious fans! After that, would be the amazing Emerald Elixir, which is a silky smooth, nutrient rich, high-vibe serum. 


Did you ever doubt yourself or question your heart’s advice when you were starting your own business? And do you have any tips for people that may be thinking of starting of their own business and pursuing a career that follows their passion?

It’s sad to say, but I had so much doubt; life would have been a lot easier if I just got a job. It’s only that I always had this little voice, saying keep trying, keep going. As the lovely Ezzie Spencer said, “Follow the crumbs,” and I did. Late nights, babies, and no money made life pretty hard at times but I always knew I had to keep following my passion. I’m so glad I did because I’ve achieved things I never thought possible. I’ve met the most amazing people, who have shown this beautiful belief in me, especially when I couldn't see it for myself. I still have so much to learn but I’m happy on this journey and wouldn't change it for the world. My advice to others would be to find a support network, do some courses on skills you need, swap work with people, show up to events and take a note book, read, put yourself out there, if you fall down get back up again, and manage your finances.


Can you tell me about a time you let your heart guide you when making a business decision and how following your heart and taking its advice served you for the best. 

I was making deodorants for a wholesale client, who was the biggest client I had at the time. They were really hard to deal with; they always wanted their orders yesterday and they could never understand when I told them that I hand-make my products myself. They said to me once, “You're just another a brand to us” and I get that I was, that's business, sure... But I told them, “You’re my children's kindy fees and food on our table!” Eventually I had to make the decision to stop supplying to them, it was scary and hard, but it was right. That move halved my weekly earnings! About a week later I was gifted the most beautiful wholesale client I could ever have asked for. They were so well aligned with my brand and me and totally understood what handmade, small batch skincare was all about. Thank you universe!


What has been the best part of following your heart’s desires and making your dream a reality with Erica Brooke Skincare? 

Showing more and more people that organic skincare and natural deodorants work better than the toxic stuff has definitely been the best thing. Creating a wonderful life for my girls is also high on my list. I’ve also gained so much confidence in myself and have meet wonderful people and made beautiful friendships because of this journey. 


What makes Erica Brooke’s heart smile? 

My heart smiles knowing that everyday, more and more people are choosing non-toxic products, whatever brand that may be. And, of course, my beautiful girls Dira and Milly <3. 

Thank you beautiful Erica for sharing your wisdom with us and your amazing story of how far you can come by following your heart’s desire.


You can catch this beauty here:

Website – www.ericabrooke.com.au

facebook - @ericabrookeskincare

instagram - @ericabrooke_skincare



Follow your heart's calling!


Big Love!