Hello Heart - Welcome to the World!

Hello Heart - a guide to heart conversations can be purchased through amazon here or the paperback version here.


In August this year, I was given the most incredible opportunity - to launch my new book at the National Library of Australia as part of the 2016 Canberra’s Writers Festival, alongside some amazing writers and New York Times best sellers. Now, with enormous gratitude in my heart, I officially digitally launch my book, Hello Heart: A Guide to Heart Conversations. 

You see, I have read a lot of self-help books over the years, and the thing I found most frustrating was that a lot of theories and ideas sound great on paper, but are not so great or easy to implement in real life.

I wrote Hello Heart to change that.

So, what is Hello Heart about?

Hello Heart teaches you how to have a conversation with your own heart; a process I now affectionately refer to as 'Heart Conversations.'  

In the book, I provide step-by-step instructions to help the reader learn how to listen to, understand, and act on their own inner wisdom and advice. I have also included a Heart Conversations guided audio (available as a free download) and rituals that empower you in your Conversations; all of which point you towards a wonderfully fulfilling life, where you fully understand and appreciate that you are your own highest authority.

My book is very relatable, as I describe my own personal journey; stuck in the fog and storm of unhappiness, feeling unsatisfied, and unmotivated. Then one day it hit me—I realised: I can’t live like this! This is not what I signed up for; this is not how I want to live my life!

Because I have always lived a relatively spiritual life, I was sitting in meditation one day, trying to find my way out of the storm, and I found myself placing my hand over my heart and talking to it. There it was, right there, smacking me in the face!

Heart Conversations, Cristina!

Talk to your heart. Pick up the phone and give your heart a call!

Your heart knows what you should do.

What we sometimes forget is that our hearts have unconditional love for us. As individuals, we are each responsible for receiving the wisdom of our own highest self and becoming more aware of the lives we are capable of living, not to mention learning what we need to do to live them. We can’t expect others to do the listening or find the answers for us.

When it finally sunk in that Heart Conversations was a legitimate process, I knew I needed to share it with everyone, to try and help others. I particularly wanted to write this book to help those who find themselves lost; whether that’s because they are in an unhappy relationship, in a job that makes them feel a little more dead every day, deep in the fog of unhappiness, or in an unexpected shit storm. Even if you can’t quite name what the problem is, this book is for you.

“Heart Conversations are the ultimate tool for coming to know ourselves, and they allow us to answer our own questions in order to best guide our life and current direction. Heart Conversations are what you need to access all areas of yourself. They help you gain the background knowledge and the information that is contained within you that will assist you to live your most purposeful, happy, harmonious life. And as it turns out, all of these things, which seem solely to do with our own selves, flow beautifully into the relationships we have with others.”

Hello Heart really is the book you have been looking for! It will help guide you to experience true change, true growth, and true happiness!

I am extremely proud to see my first book through to completion and to have it in my hot little hands.  As with anything in life, it often takes a village to make it happen, and I could not have done it without the support and encouragement of my entire family—My partner, my children, my parents, my sister and her family—and of course my two best mates.

I would also like to thank the amazingly talented editor and word whisperer, Assisi Chant and my publishing house, The Australian Ebook Publisher, in particular Amanda, Julia and Lynn. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Heart Conversations.

The best ways to connect are through Facebook @cristina.sanmartin.heart and Instagram @cristina_sanmartin or drop me line at hello@cristinasanmartin.com. 

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I loved writing it for you!

Happy reading!

Big love xxx