Hi Wild Heart! I’m Cristina.

I am a psychic medium, heart intuitive, writer, blogger and mama of Latino heritage!

I don’t fit in any box, and that’s just the way I like it! I follow my heart ALWAYS. I believe everything comes down to following our hearts message and I am here to teach others to un-tame their wild hearts!

My friends would say I’m funny, wild, loud, loving, fierce and loyal. I thrive on human connection and meeting new people. I’m happiest when I am with my kids, my friends, or interacting with my readers.

I feel most alive when shaking my booty on the dance floor and equally while meditating with my crystals, writing my blog or talking to my heart.

My whole life I struggled with self-acceptance. I used to want to fit in at any cost; it was this desire to be accepted by everyone around me that sent me into a self-loathing frenzy that would consume me every day, blur my lines of integrity and had me living entirely out of alignment with who I was. I have done a lot of work to become free of the shackles of self-hate and judgement.

I know now that self-acceptance is more than just loving the skin you’re in. It’s about accepting every part of you, your mistakes, your shitty decisions, who you are and who you aren’t anymore. It’s also about owning our talents, using, celebrating them and accepting that we don’t need to conform – it’s ok to stand out! This message is HUGE for so many of the beautiful souls I work with. It’s a message I believe everyone can benefit from.

I love….


With me, you get all honesty all the time. There is no sugar coating! Raw truths, straight up. On the blog, I'm known for saying it how it is; I bare my heart for the world to see. I write about life and love and only ever about stuff that I have personally lived; it's full of emotion, and it's REAL, I couldn't fake it if I tried. On my Youtube channel, Lighthearted, I talk about love, life and everything in-between!

After all the hard life and love lessons I've been through, I am now unapologetic about being me, the real me, the wildly beautiful, the loud, the messy, the awesome, Latino cray-cray along with all the tears and laughter. My mission is to teach people to do the same. To accept all that they are. To listen to their beautiful heart that is always guiding them.

I help those at a crossroads in life, those that are a little lost and those that need to heal. I have first-hand experience with divorce, extreme weight challenges, depression and self-rejection. All these struggles led me to get back in touch with my heart and to come home to myself finally and helped me unleash who I really am. I am now happy, wild and free!

From the bottom of my wild, happy heart: thank you for joining me on my blog, I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I love living and writing about them.

Welcome to Cristina San Martin,

Beautifully Untamed!


Professional Bio


Cristina San Martin is a Heart intuitive, psychic/medium, blogger and writer.

Cristina is born and raised in Canberra with Latino heritage. In 2008 Cristina traded in her government job for life in a Fijian village because her heart told her too! There she found herself in-love and immersed in island bliss, swapping cocktails for kava. 

Years later when her marriage, work and life started to fall apart she was forced to go within to find the answers she kept seeking externally. She then discovered her heart's message and the time had come for her to un-tame and unleash her wild heart! 

Cristina now writes an open-hearted blog and hosts her own YouTube channel, Lighthearted, about love, life and all she has been through. She shares her stories about real life and love lessons in the hopes it will encourage others to own their true self and un-tame their own wild heart!

Cristina lives in her hometown of Canberra, with her two little ones.