Heart Chart


Heart Chart

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A Heart Chart is a reading with heart, delivered straight into your inbox in a gorgeous report individually prepared just for you!

I have a Heart Conversation with your heart by connecting with your heart space and tuning into divine energy and higher realms.  The purpose of the chart is to assist you on your journey by providing you with clarity, guidance and insight on all things you!  During the Heart Chart session I receive messages and guidance from your heart and the divine.  I also help clear any energy blocks that are present.  I then compile a beautiful report that is easy to read, explaining everything that came through for you.

The Heart Chart is uniquely individual for every person, because we are all uniquely different and no one person is exactly like another.  Messages and insight meant for you will not be the same, as those meant for someone else. For this very reason the length of information provided under each section will vary from chart to chart. 

Sessions are in person in my heart studio in Canberra or via Skype.

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The Heart Chart report includes:

  • Heart Messages - Messages direct from your heart!
  • Divinely Guided Insight: Advice and messages from the higher realms, family in spirit and guides, covering a range of topics and not limited to - life purpose, career, relationships, past lives and health.
  • Heart Healing: Healing will be sent to you to help clear energy blocks that surface during the session.
  • Tips for Brining in Change: Recommended action in order to move forward with love and to bring you back into close alignment with your heart and higher self. This can include suggested rituals uniquely channeled for you to enhance your own Heart Conversations and messages regarding resources or recommendations for other action that may assist your journey, including any other information that spirit wishes to pass onto you.
  • Affirmations: Soulful affirmations specifically channeled for you.
  • Receiving a Heart Chart is a fabulous way to help guide you back to your own heart.

This is not a face to face session, you will be emailed a copy of your Heart Chart.  

Bookings and enquiries:  hello@cristinasanmartin.com or 0420 984 988