Heart Healing

One on one session

1 hour $100

Heart Healings are Cristina’s favourite thing to do!

Heart Healings are a MUST for people who need a reset. People who want to find a new way to live. Who have been dealing with the same persistent issues over the years, who need to heal trauma or recurring injuries, people facing change, the broken-hearted, the lost, those with niggling pain or people looking to up-level their life. Pretty much EVERYONE can benefit from a heart healing!

Maybe you are in an outdated marriage or an expired relationship. Maybe you choose the wrong partner over and over. Or you think you’ve outgrown certain friends or your job. Perhaps you don’t know why you act or feel the way you do.

You might be find it hard to pinpoint why you are feeling off balance, and you are looking for answers. Maybe you know you are in need of healing, but you don’t understand why. You might be facing or in desperate need of change. If any of these resonate: then a healing with Cristina is the best course of action for you!

Energy healing gets to the root of the issue. With Cristina, you look at the issue, trauma or limiting belief that you cannot shake. Specific events in life, big and small, can continue to affect you until you are ready to face them.

Cristina’s heart healings are a gentle push in the right direction. They will help you lift the old and outdated way of operating, restore balance and release stored emotions that are preventing you from moving forward.

Energy can get stuck or blocked and can manifest in your physical body. Intuitively guided healings are the perfect way to clear out what is no longer needed, realign with your purpose and open your heart to let happiness and love in.

Healings are often referred to by clients as a 'reset', almost like a massage for our energy system. Each session is different and will be divinely tailored to what you require now. At the conclusion of each session, Cristina will give you a summary of what adjustments were made and convey any messages received from your higher heart.

If you are ready for action, self-reflection, forgiveness, insight and clarity, please contact Cristina today to start your healing journey.

To book Cristina, email: hello@cristinasanmartin.com.

Heart Healing sessions are held over Skype.

Psychic Reading

One on one session

1 hour $100

A psychic reading that is all heart! 

Are you looking for guidance? Peace of mind? Clarity on a current situation in your life? Do you want to know what your higher heart wants?

Maybe you are at a crossroads with your relationship or career. You need life direction, or you want to know what is around the corner.

As a clairvoyant, medium and heart whisperer Cristina can connect to your heart and the higher realms to bring through messages, guidance and inspiration. She is divinely guided to bring through all the answers and messages you need.

Cristina will gently drop the truth bombs that you need to hear and guide you to your highest possible path. She will be the light you need to guide you to trust your heart and no longer shy away from your calling in life. You come to Cristina to up level not to walk out the same as you walked in. 

Are you ready to hear from your guides? Follow your heart’s guidance and inner compass? Want to get to the next level? Book in to see Cristina today. 

To book Cristina, email: hello@cristinasanmartin.com.

Sessions are available in person in Canberra or through Skype. 

Intimate Heart Healing Group

Group Sessions- $30 per person

If you have recently lost someone, had your heart broken, if your heart is feeling bruised maybe from work, emotional stress or just life in general. If your energy is low from dealing with the day to day or you have suffered trauma. If your beautiful heart needs a 'pick me up' then a Heart Healing Group Session is for you.

Cristina’s intimate group heart healing sessions are a wonderful way to access healing energy in a safe place filled with love and others that are on a similar journey.

In the session, Cristina will take you through a guided Heart Detox- which is a purge of the heart! You can release the baggage holding you back and return to your natural flow. Cristina will call in divine healing energy and bathe everyone in this beautiful energy. All you need to do is be present, relax and open to healing. We close the group session with a guided Heart Gratitude.

This intimate Heart Healing group is the place to open you up to your healing journey. For those already on their journey it is a beautiful opportunity for regular healing to keep you on your path and your heart open. Our hearts need to be pampered and spoilt regularly!

After the session, you will feel more aligned, inflow, lighter- like you have let some baggage go, rested and unblocked. Gift yourself the chance to live a fierce life full of fun, flow and LOVE.

Sessions are held in Canberra

Email: hello@cristinasanmartin.com to find out when the next Heart Healing session will be and to secure your spot.

Kind Words


Carrie D

Cristina is a one of those beautiful (and rare!) souls who is courageous enough to lay her heart bare for all of the world to see.She has overcome the biggest fear of all, being seen by herself, and now follows her souls calling to inspire others to do the same.Cristina has a warm and open heart and operates from a place of love and compassion, holding space for others to show up and be seen in their true light and truth. What a gift!


Amy L

Amazing!!! Nothing like her, exactly what the world needs. Cristina is a beautiful and gifted individual who's number one goal is to help as many wild hearts out there as possible. Breath of fresh air!

Cathy S

Thank you so much Cristina! I've felt a dramatic change in my emotional well being, my ambition with my career but most importantly, a lightness that comes from releasing blocks and now living more fully from my heart after having worked with you! xxx

Marcy M

Cristina is a caring, honest and opened hearted wild woman! Working with Cristina lifted my spirits and gave me a new perspective on old issues as well as insightful advice around possibilities for the future. Cristina is a beautiful soul with an amazing energy. I loved vibing with this girl. 


Stacey B

Cristina can light up the room with her smile and laugh - what a beautiful soul! If you have not worked with Cristina yet, do yourself a favour and do it! So much light beams out of this girl's heart, its incredible!